Pillow protectors, important info

Our product range includes pillow protectors, which help hotels solve the problem of washing pillows in the current coronavirus crisis and help save money on laundry costs.

We think, and the EHRL recommends, that in the immediate aftermath of the coronary crisis, and probably in the longer term, many hotel guests want the pillow in their bed to be virus-free. One option would be to wash the pillow after each guest, but pillow washing is very expensive at about 2 eur / each / time depending on the laundry.

An alternative would be to use a waterproof pillow cover, which also protects the pillow from viruses. A standard pillowcase and a waterproof pillow cover with a zipper should be sent to the laundry after each hotel guest. For pillow protection, we show the recommended washing temperature of 70 degrees, but in fact they could also be washed at 90 degrees (tested in production and nothing happens to the product). The cost of washing a waterproof cushion cover would certainly be much lower than washing a pillow.

When using the pillow cover, the comfort of using the pillow does not change much and the pillow cover does not bother the hotel customer. Rather, the pillow cover keeps the pillow in good shape if the pillow is old and sunk.


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