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Professional cleaning agents

Cleaning always starts with choosing the right cleaning product, as each surface type has different properties. It means that on grooming must use a right cleaning product corresponding to the properties to conveniently and easily get the surface clean, while maintaining a clean object freshness and stability for a long period of time.
We represent in Estonia the products of the Polish large manufacturer Amtra cleaning chemistry, etc., which are sold under the Clinex brand. The series of professional cleaning chemical facilities are perfect for cleaning both small and large surfaces. We offer a wide range of detergents and air fresheners for hotels, food industries, schools, kindergartens, offices, medical institution, large kitchens and also for domestic use.

In our product range you will find the necessary cleaning agents for different surfaces:
* Public areas, including kitchens
* Washable surfaces
* Textiles surfaces
* Different surfaces (plastic, wood, etc.)
* Sanitary rooms
* Floors surfaces
* Air freshener

* We offer products for washing wood, glass, plastic, stone, metal, etc. surfaces.
* We offer professional cleaning products which is intended for washing and cleaning all kinds of equipment.
* We offer professional cleaning products in the form of air fresheners, that are suitable for public spaces and the HORECA sector.
* The range of products is constantly expanding what we take for sale.

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