Agent for daily cleaning of bathroom fixtures with active protection 1 L Maximize

W3 ACTIVE for daily cleaning of bathroom fixtures with active protection 1 L

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Product for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures with active polymer protection.

* Spray 1 L
* pH ~ 3
* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements


Polymeric agent for acid resistant surfaces. Removing limescale, greasy dirt and soap residue. Formula provides nice scent and streak-free shine. Contains polymeric components that repels dust making subsequent washing easier. Formula creates active shield on the surfaces being cleaned.


The detergent can be used to clean the toilet, urinal, bath, shower cubicle, sink, stainless steel, glaze and ceramic tile.

* Apply the detergent to a surface, clean the dirt, then rinse the surface with running water.

* Protecting the surface from dirt deposition: apply the agent to the surface, allow it to work for about 30 seconds and rinse with water.

* The product does not leave any streaks and does not require drying with the cloth.

NB! Do not allow the product to dry. Do not mix with other substances.


More detailed User Manual and Safety Card are downloadable under - Download - section.


  • * Quantity in package 6

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