M3 ACID preparation for cleaning floors and sanitary facilities 1 L Maximize

M3 ACID preparation for cleaning floors and sanitary facilities 1 L

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Acidic for daily cleaning of sanitary fixtures

* Bottle 1 L
* pH ~ 1
* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements


Concentrated, low foaming, acidic preparation for cleaning washable and acid resistant floors. Designed for cleaning sanitary fixtures. Formula with strong cleaning power that removes limestone, grime, soap residues and lives a nice scent. Depending from the dilution of the preparation can be used for routine cleaning and thorough cleaning of wet rooms. Suitable for hand wash as well as machine wash. Works really fast.


Suitable for surface neutralization and thorough treatment. This product can be used on all acid-resistant surfaces. The detergent is especially effective in cleaning stainless steel, floors, wall tiles and sanitary facilities.

Dilution ratio for thorough cleaning: from 2 to 10 % (200 ā€“ 1000 ml / 10l of water).

Tough dirt: from 1 to 5 % (100 ā€“ 500 ml / 10l of water).

Routine cleaning: from 0,1 to 0,5 % (10 ā€“ 50 ml/ 10l water).

Manual washing:

1. Before starting hand washing, wipe the surface with dust.

2. Dip the mop into the working solution and squeeze it lightly.

3. When cleaning the floor, use 8-way movements, do not wash more than 25 m2 area at a time.

4. Rinse the mop in water and press excess fluid.

Washing machine:

1. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the floor washing machine.

2. Wipe the surface from dust before you start washing with the machine.

3. Pour the ready-mixed working solution into the tank of the floor washer.

4. Start the work with a the machine.


* Do not use on natural stones containing limestone such as Travertine or Muschelkalk.

* Do not use on aluminium, painted surfaces or acrylic glass.

* Do not use on email or chrome surfaces that are damaged.

* Before using the product, we recommend to test it in a not so visible space.

* It is advisable to soak the glazed tiles or terracotta stones surface with gauze before use.

* If the detergent reaches a surface that is not acid-proof, rinse it immediately with water.

* Do not mix with other products.

* Use protective glasses and gloves.

More detailed User Manual and Safety Card are downloadable under - Download - section.


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