STEEL acid stainless steel cleaning agent 1 L Maximize

STEEL acid stainless steel cleaning agent 1 L

3,10 EUR + VAT/pc

3,72 EUR VAT included


60 pcs in warehouse available

* Spray 1 L
* pH ~ 2

* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements

Cleaning agent for stainless steel (hard stains)


Acid cleaning agent for stainless steel surfaces and equipment. This agent has perfect cleaning and degreasing properties. It removes scale, rust, stubborn dirt and grease. Thanks to its special formula, it is used in a number of industry sectors, the catering sector, households. It is intended for cleaning ovens, tables, external parts of ventilation hoods etc. It has a neutral scent.


Cleaner for all types of stainless steel equipment and surfaces. For washing and cleaning tables, ovens,
sinks, washbasins, baths etc.

The product is ready for use. Shake before use.
1. Apply the product onto the surface and then wipe it dry. Spray a small amount directly on a dry surface or on a dry cloth.

NB! Do not use the product onto surfaces having direct contact with food.

More detailed User Manual and Safety Card are downloadable under - Download - section.

  • * Quantity in package 6


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