DESTONER FORTE scale remover 5 L Maximize

DESTONER FORTE scale remover 5L

57,40 EUR + VAT/pc

68,88 EUR VAT included


16 pcs in warehouse available

* 5 L refilling canister

* pH~ 1

* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements


Concentrated professional scale remover. The product has very strong cleaning and descaling properties. The cleaning agent removes rust, scale and lime deposited on the surfaces of hard water. The descaling agent extends the life of the cleaning equipment, helping it to maintain its profile functionality. The tool protects the treated surfaces from damage and corrosion. Gives surfaces a gentle shine.



The product is especially suitable for professional dishwashers, steamers, electric heaters, boilers, coffee machines, sinks, shower basins, kettles, etc. The cleaning agent is perfect for dishwashers, to prevent scale formation - used during the rinse cycle.

  • * Quantity in package 4

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