Dishwashing liquid 5 L Maximize

Dishwashing liquid 5L

10,10 EUR + VAT/pc

12,12 EUR VAT included


20 pcs in warehouse available

*5 L refilling canister for product 77-719

* pH ~ 9

* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements



Liquid intended for washing dishes. It does not leave any streaks. The product makes dishes look shiny without the need to wipe dry. Cleaning agent effectively removes grease and dirt. Product can be used both in cold and hot water.



For manual washing of glass, porcelain, plastic and metal dishes.


*Use the solution 0.5-1% (add from 50 to 100 ml of the liquid per 10l of water).

* Adjust the concentration of the product to the amount of dishes and dirt.

*  Rinse the dishes with water and allow them to dry.

  • * Quantity in package 4

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