FAST GAST restaurant and kitchen cleaner and degreaser 1 L Maximize

FASTGAST restaurant, kitchen cleaner and degreaser 1L

4,80 EUR + VAT/pc

5,76 EUR VAT included


46 pcs in warehouse available

* Spray 1 L

* pH ~ 11

* Made in European Union and meets all European safety requirements



Ready-to-use product for removing all types of grease, oil and dirt. The product dissolves strong and stubborn oil and grease stains, as well as burnt food residues, without leaving streaks or stains on the surface. The sprayer makes the product easy to use and ensures the accuracy of the dosing system and reaching hard-to-reach places.



For cleaning water-resistant surfaces in the catering and food processing industry which are exposed to oily deposits. Product recommended for all types of hard surfaces in the kitchen and in the catering industry such as: ventilation hoods, countertops, tables, floors and walls.


* Apply the agent directly onto the surface, wait a moment and polish the surface with a clean cloth.

* Repeat the procedure if necessary.

* Caution: after cleaning surfaces having contact with food, rinse them with water.

  • * Quantity in package 6

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