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Spa Therapy

Water, the essence of life; cleansing, moisturising, purifying. Allow your guests to create their own personal spa experience with our Spa Therapy Collection. Featuring a clean, fresh fragrance, it harnesses the restorative energy of the sea to impart a healthy glow to skin and hair.

Infused with marine extracts of Japanese sea kelp, sea moss, sea fennel, and sea wrack, Spa Therapy soothes and protects with botanicals long recognised for their emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea kelp detoxifies while sea moss moisturises without weighing hair down. Vitamin-rich Japanese sea wrack and sea fennel relax and replenish the body, leaving skin soft, clean, and refreshed.

Offer your guests a refreshing spa experience they won’t soon forget with the restorative Spa Therapy Collection.

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Гель для душа 30 ml

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Молочко для тела 30 ml

0,41 EUR + НДС/шт
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Шампунь для волос 30 ml

0,40 EUR + НДС/шт
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Бальзам для волос 30 ml

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