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For kids

* Lovely green bed linen for kids with bears - Your hotel small customers slumber magically in these bed-linens

* Bed linen fabric: 130 g/m2, 100% cotton
* Bed linen shrinkage in washing and in heavy use approximately 8% from the lenght (depending on the equipment and temperature used in the laundry). Shrinkage in width about 2%

* All products meet OEKO-TEX 100 standard

Washing instructions:

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Pillow case 40*50 cm, children

2,50 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPL6
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Pillow case 50*60 cm, children

2,80 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPL7
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Bed sheet 90*160 cm, children

5,80 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPL1
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Bed sheet 150*220 cm, children

8,00 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPL2
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Duvet cover 100*120 cm, children

8,30 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPL3
Delivery time 3-4 weeks
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