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Standard grey

* Bed linen fabric: 110x62/35x35, 130 g/m2, 55% cotton/45% polyester
* Colour: grey
* Vat dyed - can be washed at 90 degrees
* Bed linen shrinkage in washing and in heavy use approximately 10% from the lenght (depending on the equipment and temperature used in the laundry). Shrinkage in width about 3%
* Standard grey bed linen can be washed at high water temperatures up to 90 degrees and the color of the bed linen does not change, therefore this bed linen is also suitable for hospital bed linen and nursing home bed linen.

* All products meet OEKO-TEX 100 standard

Washing instructions:

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Pillow case 55*65 cm grey

2,10 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL1
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Pillow case 65*85 cm grey

3,10 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL2
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Bed sheet 160*270 cm grey single

10,00 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL3
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Bed sheet 250*270 cm grey double

15,00 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL4
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Duvet cover 150*235 cm grey single

16,00 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL5
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Duvet cover 210*235 cm grey double

22,00 EUR + VAT/pc
Product code: VPHAL6
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