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Dispenser system SOAP-IN-A-BOX

By using this Nordic Ecolabelled brand you contribute to a more sustainable environment and wil be among the millions of people in the Nordic Market who daily make more climate friendly choices.
EQDERMA is a range of products with a mild touch, no colour and a very low level of preservatives.
EQDERMA is packed in an airtight hygiene bag with form-fill-seal technology

* Produced and developed in EU/Denmark
* Filling bags are certified by Nordic Ecolabel

Nordic Ecolabel

* Dispenser does not drip
* Easily replaceable filling bag for room-service
* Thanks to replaceable bags, is guaranteed more hygienic environment than with refillable systems
* Wall mounted with screws or tape

When emptying the 450 ml filling bag of the SOAP-IN-A-BOX dispenser, only 12 g of waste is generated, which is proportionally 90% less than using 30 ml small bottles and 25% less than using 5 L canisters to fill the dispensers.
The Danish eco-dispenser system SOAP-IN-A-BOX generates the least amount of plastic waste when used in a hotel compared to other alternatives (small bottles, filling dispensers from canisters, etc.).

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