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Dispenser system SENSER

Patented and closed dosage system SENSER for hotels bathrooms

* Most economical - hotels expenses for washing liquids is reduced about 30%-50% compared with others sold dispenser systems
* Standard dosage - dosage for liquid is always a fixed quantity (about 4ml) and there is no overspending
* Closed system (bottle is not refillable and hotel clients can not add any liquid to it)
* Certified products - all liquids possess certificates from international certificate agency Intertek

* Ecological - Senser bottles are made of biodegradable d2w-certified plastic. The d2w is an additive used in the manufacture of plastics and it makes the product biodegradable in nature

* Dispenser does not drip
* Easily replaceable filling bottle for room-service
* Thanks to replaceable bottles, is guaranteed more hygienic environment than with refillable systems
* Dispenser is closed with a special key and hotel guests can not open it or steal a bottle
* Wall mounted with screws or tape

Video from our Facebook page, how to attach dispenser to the wall you can watch here.

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