Hair dryerClipper II 1400 W, white Maximize

Hair dryer Clipper II 1400 W, white

73,00 EUR + VAT/pc

87,60 EUR VAT included


11 pcs in warehouse available

* White hair dryer
* Patented switch handle system
* 1400 W
* 220V-240V 50/60Hz
* 3 temperature levels (also cold), 2 airflow settings: 70 and 95 m3/h
* Automatic shut-off when dryer is put out of hand
* Electrical insulation class II, IP21
* Electric cable length 74 cm (spiral cable)
* Size: W182*H220*D83 mm
* NB! Without electric cable and plug

* WARRANTY - 2 years
Warranty is done by Hotellitarbed Ltd in Estonia

NB!This hair dryer is not suitable for large changing rooms of swimming pools, SPAs, sports clubs, places where there is constant high humidity in the air and there is a possibility that the hair dryer may be in operation for hours (too frequent use).Then there is a risk that the engine will burn out, and such cases are not covered by the warranty.Other hair dryers are intended for these places, e.g.product codes 8221632, 822278 and 822009.

  • * Quantity in package 1

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