Pillow 60*80 cm, flame retardant Trevira IMO Maximize

Pillow 60*80 cm, flame retardant Trevira IMO

17,80 EUR + VAT/pc

21,36 EUR VAT included


547 pcs in warehouse available

* Size: 60*80 cm
* Allergy free and flame retardant

* Fabric: 100% polyester flame retardant
* Filling: 100 % polyester flame retardant

* Pillow weighs 900 g
* Washable
* Color: white
* Each pillow is packed in a separate vacuum plastic bag

* The product complies with the SFS-EN ISO 12952 standard, which proves that the product meets to the fire resistance class SL-1 and the product has the corresponding certificate
* The product complies with IMO FTP Code 2010 (part 9) resolution (International Maritime Organization - RESOLUTION MSC.307 (88)) and the product has a corresponding certificate (can be used in passenger ships cabins where are higher fire safety requirements than in hotel rooms)

Pillow washing instructions:


  • * Quantity in package 12

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