Duvet cover double 205*230 cm white Maximize

Duvet cover 210*240 cm white double

17,50 EUR + VAT/pc

21,00 EUR VAT included


461 pcs in warehouse available

* Duvet cover (double) 210*240 cm
* Suitable for duvets 200 to 210 cm wide and 200 to 210 cm long

* The lower end is completely open.
* Reversible (can be used upside down).

* The duvet cover is produced especially considering the needs of hotels. The duvet cover is durable. We have tested our duvet covers in large hotel laundries and the duvet cover material is suitable for handling in industrial laundries.
* The dimensions of the duvet cover have been made taking into account the standard dimensions of hotel blanket and the shrinkage of the duvet cover in the wash has also been taken into account.
* The duvet cover shrinks in the wash, and after shrinking it fits the 200*200 cm blankets we sell (blanket product codes: BT2, BT6).

  • * Quantity in package 5


Blanket double 200*200 cm

Duvet double 200*200 cm

27,00 EUR +km/tk
Blanket LUX 200*200 cm

Duvet double LUX 200*200 cm

34,80 EUR +km/tk

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